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San Franola's fresh ingredients, robust taste, and sleek packaging pop on-shelf. Our Multi-Serve Bags and Single-Serve Boxes enhance any snack or cereal aisle. Interested in carrying San Franola? Click here.


Company Kitchens

San Franola is served at Google, LinkedIn, Square, Twitter, and Charles Schwab. Our commissary service can be customized to your needs, including branded dispensers and continuous stocking of Single-Serve Boxes. Does your office want a smarter way to crunch? Click here.


Gift Baskets

From welcome baskets for wedding guests to assortments for corporate use, San Franola is a stylish and healthy addition that will suit all of your gift basket needs. Are you ready to wow your guests? Click here.



The need for good granola transcends borders. We're excited to export San Franola to reach granola lovers near and far. Are you an international retailer interested in carrying San Franola? Click here.


Or, give us a call at: (415) 506-9582

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